swMATH ID: 4719
Software Authors: Hartman, Jan; Lukšan, Ladislav; Zítko, Jan; M Tuma; J Vlcek; N Ramešová; M Šiška
Description: The universal functional optimization (UFO) system is an interactive modular system for solving both dense medium-size and sparse large-scale optimization problems. The UFO system can be used for the following applications: 1. Formulation and solution of particular optimization problems that are described in Chapter 2. 2. Preparation of specialized optimization routines (or subroutines) based on methods described in Chapter 3. 3. Designing and testing new optimization methods. The UFO system is a very useful tool for the development of optimization algorithms. The special realization of the UFO system described in the subsequent text makes this system portable and extensible and we continue with its further development.
Homepage: http://www.cs.cas.cz/luksan/ufo.html
Programming Languages: Fortran
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
Keywords: optimization
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Referenced in: 42 Publications

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