swMATH ID: 4741
Software Authors: G.N. Vanderplaats
Description: CONMIN is a FORTRAN program, in subroutine form, for the solution of linear or nonlinear constrained optimization problems. The basic optimization algorithm is the Method of Feasible Directions. The user must provide a main calling program and an external routine to evaluate the objective and constraint functions and to provide gradient information. If analytic gradients of the objective or constraint functions are not available, this information is calculated by finite difference. While the program is intended primarily for efficient solution of constrained problems, unconstrained function minimization problems may also be solved, and the conjugate direction method of Fletcher and Reeves is used for this purpose. This manual describes the use of CONMIN and defines all necessary parameters. Sufficient information is provided so that the program can be used without special knowledge of optimization techniques. Sample problems are inc! luded to help the user become familiar with CONMIN and to make the program operational.
Homepage: http://jblevins.org/mirror/amiller/conmin.zip
Programming Languages: Fortran90
Operating Systems: None
Dependencies: None
Keywords: unconstrained optimization; conjugate gradient method; Newton directions; large scale test examples; numerical comparisons; convergence acceleration; algorithm; forward difference approximation of Hessian/vector product
Related Software: CUTEr; Algorithm 500; CUTE; SCALCG; MINPACK-2; L-BFGS; PANDA; VICONOPT; ACGSSV; DAKOTA; CG_DESCENT; avida; DFVLR-SQP; OpenMDAO; SciTools; Python; Decision tree for optimization software; TAO; NLPQL; pyMDO
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