swMATH ID: 4742
Software Authors: Busygin, Stanislav
Description: A new trust region technique for the maximum weight clique problem A new simple generalization of the Motzkin-Straus theorem for the maximum weight clique problem is formulated and directly proved. Within this framework a trust region heuristic is developed. In contrast to usual trust region methods, it regards not only the global optimum of a quadratic objective over a sphere, but also a set of other stationary points of the program. We formulate and prove a condition when a Motzkin-Straus optimum coincides with such a point. The developed method has complexity O(n 3 ), where n is the number of vertices of the graph. It was implemented in a publicly available software package QUALEX-MS. Computational experiments indicate that the algorithm is exact on small graphs and very efficient on the DIMACS benchmark graphs and various random maximum weight clique problem instances
Homepage: http://www.stasbusygin.org/
Keywords: maximum weight clique; Motzkin-Straus theorem; quadratic programming; heuristic; trust region
Related Software: DIMACS; Max-AO; Tabu search; BHOSLIB; GQTPAR; MaxCliqueDyn; EXTRACOL; Algorithm 787; HSL-VF05; Hyperheuristics; PMTK; gpuls-mwcp; CCLS; SCCWalk; BBMCSP; CCASat; NuMVC; H-Morph; G23FM; clusfind
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