swMATH ID: 476
Software Authors: SAS
Description: For more than 20 years, JMP statistical discovery software from SAS has been the tool of choice for scientists, engineers, social scientists, market research analysts and other data explorers in almost every industry and government sector. JMP links powerful statistics with interactive graphics, in memory and on the desktop. It demystifies data, producing visual representations that reveal context and insight impossible to see in a table of numbers. With JMP, you can be more efficient, tackle difficult statistical problems, communicate findings and bring your data analysis to a whole new level. JMP offers a seamless interface to the unparalleled richness of SAS. You can also work with your other favorite tools, including Microsoft Excel and R, when you make JMP your analytic hub.
Homepage: http://www.jmp.com/
Keywords: orms; explorative data analysis; graphical support for statistical modeling; interactive statistical graphics
Related Software: R; SAS; MINITAB; Design-Expert; Python; SPSS; Rcmdr; LISP-STAT; survival; lme4; conf.design; AlgDesign; rsm; Excel; MANET; Matlab; S-PLUS; RGtk2; qtbase; gWidgets
Cited in: 38 Publications
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Software review: JMP. Zbl 0990.62504
Theus, Martin

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