swMATH ID: 4763
Software Authors: Dimitri Peaucelle; D. Arzelier, A. Bortott, G. Chevarria, M. Sevin, Ph. Spiesser
Description: RoMulOC Robust Multi-Objective Control toolbox. This toolbox is intended to gather multiple theoretical results obtained these past years in Robust Control. The aim is to have some simple functions for manipulating uncertain systems and building LMI optimization problems related to robust multi-objective control problems. The goal is not a commercial product but a platform for academic cooperative exchanges and possible demonstrations for small size application examples. Please do not hesitate to test RoMulOC and send feedback comments.
Homepage: http://projects.laas.fr/OLOCEP/romuloc/
Dependencies: Matlab; YALMIP
Related Software: Sostools; SeDuMi; YALMIP; Matlab; Mosek; ROLMIP; QFT toolbox; GloptiPoly; PolyX; SMRSOFT; Robust Control Toolbox; RACT; CVX; LMI toolbox; Sdpsol
Cited in: 3 Publications

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