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Software Authors: Deuflhard, Peter; Lutz Weimann
Description: Numerical Mathematics - NewtonLib. Software repository for Peter Deuflhards Book ”Newton Methods for Nonlinear Problems – Affine Invariance and Adaptive Algorithms”. This monograph presents a scheme to construct adaptive Newton-type algorithms in close connection with an associated affine invariant convergence analysis. Part of these algorithms are presented as informal programs in the text. Some, but not all of the described algorithms have been worked out in detail. Below follows a list of codes mentioned by name in the book. All of the available programs (not only by the author and his group) are free as long as they are exclusively used for research or teaching purposes. For commercial use of the software you must sign a license-agreement with the ZIB and pay a license-charge that depends on the referenced software package and the intended usage. Please read our sample license agreement (or the german version) for more details.
Homepage: http://www.zib.de/weimann/NewtonLib/index.html
Keywords: Newton method; nonlinear problems; affine invariance; adaptive algorithms; textbook; convergence; Banach spaces; affine covariance; affine contravariance; affine conjugacy; affine similarity; error norms; residual norms; energy norms; steepest descent methods; trust region methods; Levenberg Marquardt methods; Gauss-Newton methods; nonlinear least squares; stiff initial value problems; Picard iteration; multilevel collocation method; finite element methods; numerical examples
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