swMATH ID: 4868
Software Authors: Verdoolaege S; inria
Description: Software package barvinok. barvinok is a library for counting the number of integer points in parametric and non-parametric polytopes. For parametric polytopes an explicit function in the shape of a piece-wise step-polynomial is constructed. This is a generalization of both Ehrhart quasi-polynomials and vector partition functions. Alternatively, a generalized Ehrhart series can be constructed as well. The library includes isl and PolyLib and uses NTL.
Homepage: http://barvinok.gforge.inria.fr/
Dependencies: isl
Related Software: LattE; polymake; cdd; isl; TOPCOM; lrs; Normaliz; CGAL; 4ti2; Matlab; Minksum; PolyLib; PPL; PORTA; Gfan; azove; CPLEX; SageMath; gmp; Gurobi
Cited in: 12 Publications

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