swMATH ID: 4870
Software Authors: Graham Ellis
Description: HAP is a homological algebra library for use with the GAP computer algebra system, and is still under development. Its initial focus is on computations related to the cohomology of groups. Both finite and infinite groups are handled, with emphasis on integral coefficients. Recent additions include some functions for computing homology of crossed modules and simplicial groups, and also some functions for handling simplicial complexes, cubical complexes and regular CW-complexes in the context of topological data analysis.
Homepage: http://hamilton.nuigalway.ie/Hap/www/index.html
Dependencies: GAP
Keywords: homological algebra computations; GAP
Related Software: GAP; Kenzo; OpenMath; XMod; CARAT; CrystGAP; SymbCompCC; RedHom; SageMath; fKenzo; ACL2; polymake; IO; Traces; nauty; PFPK; MAGNUS; Magma; Carat; MersenneTwister
Cited in: 40 Publications

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Homological algebra programming. Zbl 1155.20051
Ellis, Graham

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