swMATH ID: 4874
Software Authors: John C. Adams, Paul N. Swarztrauber
Description: A Package for Modeling Geophysical ProcessesSPHEREPACK 3.2 is a collection of FORTRAN77 programs and subroutines facilitating computer modeling of geophysical processes. The package contains subroutines for computing common differential operators including divergence, vorticity, latitudinal derivatives, gradients, the Laplacian of both scalar and vector functions, and the inverses of these operators. For example, given divergence and vorticity, the package can be used to compute velocity components, then the Laplacian inverse can be used to solve the scalar and vector Poisson equations. The package also contains routines for computing the associated Legendre functions, Gauss points and weights, multiple fast Fourier transforms, and for converting scalar and vector fields between geophysical and mathematical spherical coordinates.Example programs are provided for solving these equations on the full sphere: advection, Helmholz, shallow-waterEach program serves two purposes: as a template to guide you in writing your own codes utilizing the SPHEREPACK routines, and as a demonstration on your computer that you can correctly produce SPHEREPACK executables.
Homepage: http://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/resources/legacy/spherepack
Programming Languages: Fortran77
Keywords: A Package for Modeling Geophysical Processes
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