swMATH ID: 4875
Software Authors: Ehrendorfer, Martin
Description: Spectral numerical weather prediction models. This book provides a comprehensive overview of numerical weather prediction (NWP) focusing on the application of the spectral method in NWP models. The author illustrates the use of the spectral method in theory as well as in its application to building a full prototypical spectral NWP model, from the formulation of continuous model equations through development of their discretized forms to coded statements of the model. The author describes the implementation of a specific model–PEAK (Primitive-Equation Atmospheric Research Model Kernel)–to illustrate the steps needed to construct a global spectral NWP model. The book brings together all the spectral, time, and vertical discretization aspects relevant for such a model. Spectral Numerical Weather Prediction Models provides readers with * information necessary to construct spectral NWP models; * a self-contained, well-documented, coded spectral NWP model; and * theoretical and practical exercises, some of which include solutions. This book is intended for anyone with a basic mathematics and physics background who is interested in numerical weather prediction, with a specific interest in any aspect of NWP, and in learning fundamentals of atmospheric dynamics. The audience also includes other mathematicians and physicists, students, researchers, teachers, and engineers.
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/homemartinehrendorfer/peak_model
Programming Languages: Fortran
Keywords: weather prediction; spectral methods; spherical harmonics; geophysical flows
Related Software: PRED_PREY; Matlab; SPHEREPACK
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Spectral numerical weather prediction models. Zbl 1239.86001
Ehrendorfer, Martin

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