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swMATH ID: 4901
Software Authors: Aspinall, David
Description: Proof General: A generic tool for proof development. This note describes Proof General, a tool for developing machine proofs with an interactive proof assistant. Interaction is based around a proof script, which is the target of a proof development. Proof General provides a powerful user-interface with relatively little effort, alleviating the need for a proof assistant to provide its own GUI, and providing a uniform appearance for diverse proof assistants. par Proof General has a growing user base and is currently used for several interactive proof systems, including Coq, LEGO, and Isabelle. Support for others is on the way. Here we give a brief overview of what Proof General does and the philosophy behind it; technical details are available elsewhere. The program and user documentation are available on the web at http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/proofgen.
Homepage: http://proofgeneral.inf.ed.ac.uk/
Related Software: Coq; Isabelle; Isabelle/HOL; Mizar; Isar; Isabelle/jEdit; Isabelle/Isar; Matita; HOL; Metis_; PVS; CtCoq; HOL Light; ACL2; Isabelle/PIDE; Haskell; Proof General Kit; VAMPIRE; Flyspeck; PIDE
Cited in: 52 Publications
Further Publications: http://proofgeneral.inf.ed.ac.uk/pubs

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Proof General: A generic tool for proof development. Zbl 0971.68627
Aspinall, David
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