swMATH ID: 4908
Software Authors: Nyberg, Eric; Mitamura, Teruko
Description: The KANTOO machine translation environment We describe the KANTOO machine translation environment, a set of software services and tools for multilingual document production. KANTOO includes modules for source language analysis, target language generation, source terminology management, target terminology management, and knowledge source development. The KANTOOsystem represents a complete re-design and re-implementation of the KANT machine translation system
Homepage: http://www2.lti.cs.cmu.edu/Research/Kant/PDF/amta2000_kantoo_num.pdf
Keywords: multilingual document production. source language analysis; target language generation; source terminology management; knowledge source development
Related Software: KANT/KASH
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The KANTOO machine translation environment. Zbl 1044.68925
Nyberg, Eric; Mitamura, Teruko

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