swMATH ID: 4934
Software Authors: Abellanas, Manuel; de las Vegas, Alfredo
Description: DEpthLAUNAY is a C++ software developed with CGAL allowing the user to compute the following structures related to a given set of points in the plane:
Homepage: http://www.dma.fi.upm.es/mabellanas/delonedepth/
Related Software: CGAL; NZMATH; SgpViz; HadamardSearch; KNOPPIX/Math; Gfan; SARAG; polymake; PHCpack; MuPAD; Matlab; Mathematica; Maple; KANT/KASH; GCLC; GAP; CoCoALib; ActiveMath; Plural
Cited in: 2 Publications

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DEpthLAUNAY. Zbl 1230.52002
Abellanas, Manuel; de las Vegas, Alfredo

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