swMATH ID: 4957
Software Authors: Schott, René; Staples, G. Stacey
Description: Operator calculus on graphs. Theory and applications in computer science This pioneering book presents a study of the interrelationships among operator calculus, graph theory, and quantum probability in a unified manner, with significant emphasis on symbolic computations and an eye toward applications in computer science. Presented in this book are new methods, built on the algebraic framework of Clifford algebras, for tackling important real world problems related, but not limited to, wireless communications, neural networks, electrical circuits, transportation, and the world wide web. Examples are put forward in Mathematica throughout the book, together with packages for performing symbolic computations.
Homepage: http://www.siue.edu/~sstaple/index_files/research.htm
Keywords: Clifford algebras; operator calculus; graph theory; quantum probability; geometric graph processes; time-homogeneous random walks; dynamic walks; iterated stochastic integrals; partition-dependent stochastic measures; Appell systems; operator (co)homology
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