swMATH ID: 4982
Software Authors: R., Kopp, A., Niessner, J., Ochs, S.O., Papafotiou, A., Paul, M., Sheta, H., Werner, D., Ölmann, U
Description: Parallel two-phase flow simulations in porous media. We describe MUFTE-UG, a parallel numerical simulator for multiphase flow and transport processes in porous media. The basic PDEs for two-phase flow together with a discretization and solution scheme are presented. Aspects of the implementation of advanced numerical techniques of UG on parallel hardware are shown, and the simulator’s parallel performance is demonstrated using a two-dimensional example.
Homepage: http://atlas.gcsc.uni-frankfurt.de/~ug/intro.html
Keywords: fully implicity Euler scheme; finite volume method; BiCGSTAB method; MUFTE-UG; parallel hardware
Related Software: hypre; MRST; MUMPS; Matlab; TOUGH; DuMuX; LaGriT; libMesh; PETSc; DUNE; PANDAS; ABAQUS/Standard; ABAQUS; DASOPT
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Parallel two-phase flow simulations in porous media. Zbl 1032.76046
Ölmann, U.; Hinkelmann, R.; Helmig, R.

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