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Software Authors: Turner, D.A.
Description: Miranda: A non-strict functional language with polymorphic types. The last few years have seen much fruitful research into the nature of functional programming. Although there are still many important questions unanswered it seems clear that we have reached a point at which it is appropriate to make available what we have found out so far to a larger community, in the form of stable implementations of complete and well-documented programming languages. Miranda is a functional programming language which has been developed with this aim in mind. Given that there are still honest disagreements about some quite fundamental questions amongst researchers in the field, we cannot have a single vehicle. Miranda embodies one set of design decisions. The basic ideas of Miranda are closely modelled on those of the earlier languages SASL and KRC. To arrive at a system more suitable for tackling large problems Miranda adds to this foundation (i) a polymorphic type system and (ii) a library structure with type secure facilities for separate compilation and linking. The major part of this paper will be taken up with a discussion of the type system and in particular the facilities for userdefined types in Miranda, with other aspects of the language and its programming environment being only briefly sketched.
Homepage: http://miranda.org.uk/
Keywords: functional programming; programming languages; Miranda; SASL; KRC; polymorphic type system; library structure; compilation; linking
Related Software: Haskell; ML; CLEAN; Nuprl; BABEL; Automath; LISP; OBJ3; Cambridge LCF; LCF; CLOS; AGG; iTasks; Maude; LETOS; LARCH; Isabelle; Centaur; DACTL; Simula 67
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Miranda: A non-strict functional language with polymorphic types. Zbl 0592.68014
Turner, D. A.
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