swMATH ID: 4988
Software Authors: P. Bechtle, O. Brein, S. Heinemeyer, G. Weiglein, K.E. Williams
Description: Our code takes a selection of Higgs sector predictions for any particular model as input and then uses the experimental topological cross section limits from Higgs searches at LEP, the Tevatron and the LHC to determine if this parameter point has been excluded at 95
Homepage: http://www.ippp.dur.ac.uk/HiggsBounds
Keywords: Tevatron; LEP; Higgs search; Higgs bosons; beyond the standard model
Related Software: HiggsSignals; SARAH; Spheno; FeynArts; SOFTSUSY; PYTHIA8; FeynHiggs; MadGraph; CosmoTransitions; CheckMATE; NMHDECAY; SUSY Phenomenology toolbox; Herwig++; DELPHES; HDECAY; MadAnalysis; 2HDMC; FlexibleSUSY; NMSSMCALC; NMSSMTools
Cited in: 27 Publications

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