swMATH ID: 5029
Software Authors: Bemporad, A.; Mignone, D.
Description: miqp.m is a matlab m-function for solving mixed-integer quadratic (MIQP) and mixed-integer linear (MILP) optimization problems.0-1 only, needs LP/QP solver, e.g. linprog/quadprog (Matlab)
Homepage: http://control.ee.ethz.ch/~hybrid/miqp/
Programming Languages: Matlab
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: optimization; The Constrained NLO Problem; DISCRETE – Optimization with discrete variables
Related Software: Matlab; CPLEX; OPC Toolbox; Hybrid Toolbox; HYSDEL; GLPK; Simulink; Regularization tools; QDES; Optimization Toolbox; XPRESS; BARON
Cited in: 5 Publications
Further Publications: http://control.ee.ethz.ch/index.cgi?page=publications&action=list&publty=all&ifagroup=7

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