swMATH ID: 5065
Software Authors: Thomas Weise
Description: SIGOA: The Simple Interface for Global Optimization Algorithms allows the specification of arbitrary search/optimization problems, solving of these problems, and the specification and implementation of optimization algorithms like evolutionary algorithms.
Homepage: http://www.it-weise.de/documents/metaW2008SIGOAA.html
Programming Languages: Java
Keywords: optimization; Global Optimization
Related Software: Genocop; Matlab; Optimization Toolbox; SymDIRECT; Mathematica; CEC 05; MultiMin; Algorithm 829; MathOptimizer; LINGO; AIMMS; TOMLAB; Maple; LGO; Global Optimization Toolbox For Maple; MCS; EGO; DIRECT; PSwarm; LHS
Cited in: 26 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.it-weise.de/documents/index.html#W2008SIGOAa

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