swMATH ID: 5077
Software Authors: Granat, Janusz; Makowski, Marek
Description: MCMA (Multiple-Criteria Model Analysis): a tool for multiple criteria model analysis (click here to find a summary of relevant research). MCMA contains ISAAP (modular tool for Interactive Specification and Analysis of Aspiration-Based Preferences). A prepublication draft with a documentation of ISAAP (which contains also a tutorial guide to MCMA) is available as a Postscript file (over 17MB, hence it may take a while to load it to your viewer) and as a zipped Postscript file (that you may want to ftp and unzip on your machine). MCMA can be used for analysis of any LP (including MIP) model that can be provided in the LP_DIT format (models available in the MPS format can be easily converted by the LPDIT program to the LP_DIT format). Tutorial models models for MCMA and the on-line tutorial (for browsers that support frames and those without frame support) are also available. In order to use MCMA you will need the following software: (1) HOPDM, (2) MOMIP, only if your model contains integer variables, (3) LPDIT, only if you would like to use MCMA for analysis of your own model, (4) tutorial core models, only, if you want to run the tutorial examples for MCMA.
Homepage: http://www.iiasa.ac.at/~marek/soft/descr.html#MCMA
Keywords: Decision Support Systems; Modeling; Multi-criteria analysis; Software
Related Software: ISAAP; GAMS; HOPDM
Cited in: 2 Documents

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