swMATH ID: 5158
Software Authors: Franke, R.; Arnold, E
Description: Huge Quadratic Programming ODE/DAE, automatic differentiation, own format or ASCEND or Simulink input, HQP to solve NLPs (C, C++, f77, Tcl), motivated by discrete-time optimal control problems, solves general NLP using Powell’s or Schittkowski’s SQP with Newton-type barrier QP solver, needs Tcl C++, SIF, or ASCEND input
Homepage: https://sourceforge.net/projects/hqp/
Programming Languages: C++, Fortran
Keywords: optimization; The Constrained NLO Problem
Related Software: HQP; Ipopt; LANCELOT; KNITRO; CasADi; MATMPC; FiOrdOs; LiftOpt; Matlab; GitHub; PANOC; OpEn; FORCES NLP; muAO-MPC; qpSWIFT; NASOQ; PolyMPC; Control Toolbox; QPALM; liftedCollocation
Cited in: 10 Documents

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