MR and LTV Synthesis Tools

swMATH ID: 5190
Software Authors: Pirie, Carol; Dullerud, Geir E.
Description: MR and LTV Synthesis Tools Description MR-LTV Tools has commands in the following areas: H-infinity synthesis of multi-rate sampled data LTI systems using LMI synthesis methods H-infinity synthesis of discrete-time LTV systems using LMI synthesis methods System type conversion (i.e. multi-rate LTI to discrete-time LTV) LTV system balance, reduction, and truncation LTV stability and stabilizability through eigenvalue and LMI solution methods Discrete system data structure conversion Mathworks LMI Toolbox not required. One of two LMI solvers can be used: Mathworks LMI Toolbox (purchased separately) or xLMI (free, available below). Only one of the LMI solvers must be installed to use this software
Homepage: https://wiki.cites.illinois.edu/wiki/display/mechsedullerud/MR+and+LTV+Synthesis+Tools?src=search
Keywords: linear time-varying systems; robust control; design; time-varying systems; state-space results; small-gain theorem; operator inequalities; convex optimization; periodic systems; linear matrix inequality; robust sensitivity minimization
Related Software: YALMIP; SeDuMi; LMI toolbox; Sostools; Matlab; Mosek; Mu Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox; DOT
Cited in: 35 Publications

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