swMATH ID: 5228
Software Authors: Miroslav Balda; Duane Hanselman
Description: LMFnlsq - Solution of nonlinear least squares The function The LMFnlsq.m serves for finding optimal solution of an overdetermined system of nonlinear equations in the least-squares sense. The standard Levenberg- Marquardt algorithm was modified by Fletcher and coded in FORTRAN many years ago (see the Reference). This version of LMFnlsq is its complete MATLAB implementation complemented by setting parameters of iterations as options. This part of the code has been strongly influenced by Duane Hanselman’s function mmfsolve.m.
Homepage: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/17534-lmfnlsq-solution-of-nonlinear-least-squares
Programming Languages: Matlab
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: optimization; The Least Squares Problem
Cited in: 0 Publications