swMATH ID: 524
Software Authors: Sinclair, Robert; Tanaka, Minoru
Description: Loki: software for computing cut loci The paper describe the software tool Loki for computing cut loci. It can display the cut locus from a point on a genus-1 two-dimensional Riemannian manifold. This manifold can be defined via a parametrization of an embedding in ℝ 3 , or via an explicit metric. The code is freely available and it should be able to be extendable to compute conjugate loci. Loki has been created with ease of use in mind and the algorithm takes into account the global nature of the problem
Homepage: http://www.emis.de/journals/EM/expmath/volumes/11/11.1/Sinclair463.pdf
Keywords: cut locus; computational global differential geometry
Related Software: Thaw; JuMP; Getfem++; Mosek; LaTeX
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Loki: software for computing cut loci. Zbl 1052.53001
Sinclair, Robert; Tanaka, Minoru

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