swMATH ID: 527
Software Authors: Lim, Sungmook; Park, Soondal
Description: LPAKO is a public domain simplex-based linear programming program which can solve large-scale, sparse linear programming problems. It has been widely used in many applications and shows better performance than other public domain simplex-based programs. Several aspects considered in the development of LPAKO are described in this article such as the construction of initial basis, \(LU\) factorization of basis matrix, pricing rule, presolving/postsolving and other miscellaneous issues. At the end of the article, we introduce H. Mittelman’s benchmark result which compares the performance of LPAKO with those of several simplex-based programs. We also compare LPAKO with CPLEX on the NETLIB test set.
Homepage: http://camo.ici.ro/linear/lpako.htm
Keywords: simplex method; large-scale; sparsd linear programming
Related Software: NETLIB LP Test Set; CPLEX; DEVEX; Matlab; MINOS; LPbook; GLPK; lp_solve; LPABO
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LPAKO: A simplex-based linear programming program. Zbl 1027.90058
Lim, Sungmook; Park, Soondal

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