swMATH ID: 5309
Software Authors: Burton S. Garbow, Kenneth E. Hillstrom, Jorge J. More
Description: MINPACK subroutine HYBRJ: The purpose of HYBRJ is to find a zero of a system of N nonlinear functions in N variables by a modification of the Powell hybrid method. The user must provide a subroutine which calculates the functions and the Jacobian.
Homepage: http://www.math.utah.edu/software/minpack/minpack/hybrj.html
Programming Languages: Fortran
Keywords: optimization; ZERO – Zeros of Functions and Systems
Related Software: minpack; NAG; Matlab; Genocop; SOCS; Bocop; EISPACK; HOMPACK; MATLAB ODE suite; Ode15s; Simulink; NLPQL; IPython; SciPy; Python; UTV; deal.ii; DOLFIN; UMFPACK; MUSCOD-II
Cited in: 46 Publications

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