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Software Authors: Watson, Layne T.; Billups, Stephen C.; Morgan, Alexander P.
Description: Algorithm 652, HOMPACK: A suite of codes for globally convergent homotopy algorithms. There are algorithms for finding zeros or fixed points of nonlinear systems of equations that are globally convergent for almost all starting points, i.e., with probability one. The essence of all such algorithms is the construction of an appropriate homotopy map and then tracking some smooth curve in the zero set of this homotopy map. HOMPACK provides three qualitatively different algorithms for tracking the homotopy zero curve: ordinary differential equation-based, normal flow, and augmented Jacobian matrix. Separate routines are also provided for dense and sparse Jacobian matrices. A high-level driver is included for the special case of polynomial systems.
Homepage: http://netlib.org/cgi-bin/netlibfiles.pl?filename=/toms/652
Keywords: optimization; ZERO – Zeros of Functions and Systems
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