Regression mAKEr

swMATH ID: 5388
Software Authors: eugeneai
Description: This is an application to help user (mathematician) to make regression between series of data, draw grpahics, and export them into various formats by means of common graphics packages (i.e., gnuplot, plotutils). It is written in Python. The user interfeace is built upon the wxPython (wxWindows) widget set. The idea of usage is as follows: the user builds a project which is represented as a tree of modules; modules can generate data variables, as well as consume them. Essentialy, such a tree represents an algorithm of data analysis. The system is intended to educate students.
Homepage: http://rake.sourceforge.net/
Programming Languages: C, Python
Keywords: education; Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Visualization
Cited in: 0 Publications