swMATH ID: 542
Software Authors: Alba, E.; Almeida, F.; Blesa, M.; Cabeza, J.; Cotta, C.; Díaz, M.; Dorta, I.; Gabarró, J.; León, C.; Luna, J.; Moreno, L.; Pablos, C.; Petit, J.; Rojas, A.; Xhafa, F.
Description: The MALLBA project tackles the resolution of combinatorial optimization problems using algorithmic skeletons implemented in C++. MALLBA offers three families of generic resolution methods: exact, heuristic and hybrid. Moreover, for each resolution method, MALLBA provides three different implementations: sequential, parallel for local area networks, and parallel for wide area networks (currently under development). This paper explains the architecture of the MALLBA library, presents some of its skeletons, and offers several computational results to show the viability of the approach.
Homepage: http://neo.lcc.uma.es/mallba/mallba.html
Programming Languages: C++
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Cited in: 24 Publications

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