swMATH ID: 5428
Software Authors: Moreira, Walter; Warnes, Gregory R.; Gautier, Laurent
Description: RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python interface to the R Programming Language. It can manage all kinds of R objects and can execute arbitrary R functions (including the graphic functions). All the errors from the R language are converted to Python exceptions. Any module that later were installed on the R system can easily be used from within Python, without introducing any changes.
Homepage: http://rpy.sourceforge.net/
Programming Languages: Python
Dependencies: R
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Software Development; Libraries; Python Modules
Related Software: R; rpy2; Python; Rserve; RinRuby; ggplot2; WebArrayDB; WebArray; RSPython; Bioconductor; NumPy; PypeR; RSPerl; RRb; RSRuby; Rcmdr; PyQt; meta; Meta-DiSc; CMA
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