swMATH ID: 5442
Software Authors: Dorothea Blostein, Steve Smithies, Kevin Novins, Richard Zanibbi, Arlis Rose, David Tausky, Nick Willan
Description: The Freehand Formula Entry System is a research prototype for recognizing online handwritten mathematical notation, developed jointly by researchers in New Zealand, the United States and Canada. A user draws expressions with a mouse or data tablet, and LaTeX, a bitmap, and an operator tree are produced as output. Symbol recognition and expression interpretation are performed as the user draws.
Homepage: http://research.cs.queensu.ca/drl//ffes/
Programming Languages: C++, Tcl, Other
Keywords: Text Processing; Markup; TeX/LaTeX; Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Artificial Intelligence
Related Software: MathBrush; Maple
Cited in: 3 Publications
Further Publications: http://research.cs.queensu.ca/drl//publications.html

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