swMATH ID: 547
Software Authors: Stewart, William J.
Description: MARCA: Markov chain analyzer, a software package for Markov modeling MARCA is a software package designed to facilitate the generation of large Markov chains and to compute transitent probability distributions of the chain at different times as well as its stationary probability vector. The software package MARCA is written in Fortran and has the following three segments: par 1. A Master Segment, which controls the operation of the package. par 2. The Second Segment deals with generation of the states of the system and the infinitesimal generation of matrix. par 3. The Third Segment derives and analyzes the stationary probability vector and the transient probability distributions.
Homepage: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~billy/MARCA/marca.html
Keywords: Markov chains; distributions; Fortran
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Cited in: 30 Publications

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