swMATH ID: 5521
Software Authors: usdesign
Description: Lambda is an interactive Lambda calculus interpreter. It reduces lambda expressions and converts them into the S, K, and I combinators (ext). It has the ability to associate names with lambda expressions (def), load definitions from a file (load), and list current definitions (list). Lambda expressions representing integers are automatically defined as needed. Many interesting combinators are provided in a definition file. Various settings are provided to influence the way reduction and extraction are performed (set). A short manual is provided showing how lambda works.
Homepage: http://uniquesoftwaredesigns.com/lambda/docs/lambda.html
Programming Languages: C++
Keywords: education; Computer Aided Instruction (CAI); Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics
Related Software: IRAM; SBmethod; SDPARA; PENSDP; COL; SDPLR; ARPACK; eigs; SDPA; Benchmarks for Optimization Software
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1 Nayakkankuppam, Madhu V.

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