swMATH ID: 5534
Software Authors: Elliot Turner; Szolovits, P
Description: LinkGrammar-WN is a lexicon expansion for the Link Grammar Parser. The Link Grammar Parser is a syntactic parser of the English language that is capable of handling a wide variety of syntactic constructions and is considered quite robust. The LinkGrammar-WN project aims to import lexical information from WordNet in an effort to increase the size of the LGP lexicon. This project is of interest to anyone interested in NLP (natural language parsing) of English text.
Homepage: http://www.eturner.net/linkgrammar-wn/
Programming Languages: C
Keywords: Adaptive Technologies; Communications; Chat; Internet; Log Analysis; Web; Indexing/Search; Scientific/Engineering; Artificial Intelligence; Mathematics; Neuroscience; Visualization; Text Processing; Linguistic; Software Development; Libraries
Related Software: GENIA corpus; GENETAG; ABNER; iHOP; MedScan; ProMiner
Cited in: 0 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.eturner.net/linkgrammar-wn/#references