swMATH ID: 5546
Software Authors: Michael Maher; Tristan Miller
Description: DELORES (DEfeasible LOgic REasoning System) is a forward-chaining reasoning engine for defeasible logic, a less-expressive but more efficient non-monotonic logic. In contrast with most other non-monotonic logics, defeasible logic has linear complexity, allowing DELORES to execute large theories very quickly. DELORES’s algorithm extends to general defeasible theories through the use of a pre-processing transformation which eliminates all uses of defeaters and superiority relations.
Homepage: http://freecode.com/projects/delores
Programming Languages: Prolog, Other
Keywords: Software Development; Interpreters; Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Artificial Intelligence
Related Software: DR-Prolog; DLV2; WebPIE; LegalRuleML; swrl; Potassco; Prolog
Referenced in: 20 Publications

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