swMATH ID: 5554
Software Authors: Ian Buck; Tim Foley; Daniel Horn; Jeremy Sugerman; Pat Hanrahan; Mike Houston; Kayvon Fatahalian
Description: BrookGPU: Brook for GPUs is a compiler and runtime implementation of the Brook stream programming language for modern graphics hardware. The goals for this project are to demonstrate general purpose programing on GPUs, to provide a useful tool for developers who want to run applications on GPUs, and to research the stream language programming model, streaming applications, and system implementations.
Homepage: http://graphics.stanford.edu/projects/brookgpu/
Programming Languages: C, C++, YACC
Keywords: multimedia; Graphics; Scientific/Engineering; Software Development; Build Tools; Compilers; Games/Entertainment; 3D Rendering; Medical Science; Visualization; Mathematics; Image Recognition; Neuroscience; Bioinformatics
Related Software: Bison; GPU-ABiSort; Cg; GPGPU; OpenGL; CUDA
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