swMATH ID: 5575
Software Authors: Antipolis, Inria Sophia
Description: ProActive is a Java library for parallel, distributed, and concurrent computing as well as mobility and security in a uniform framework. It provides a comprehensive API and a graphical interface and is based on an Active Object pattern, a uniform way to encapsulate a remotely accessible object, a thread as an asynchronous activity, an actor with its own script, a server of incoming requests, a mobile and secure agent, and a component with server and client interfaces. It simplifies the programming of applications distributed over a LAN, clusters, an intranet, or Internet GRIDs.
Homepage: http://proactive.inria.fr/
Programming Languages: Java
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Bioinformatics; Mathematics; Medical Science; Visualization; Software Development; Libraries; Java Libraries; Clustering/Distributed Networks
Related Software: AmbientTalk; ABS; Creol; Multilisp; IC2D; ABCL; JCobox; Rebeca; FastFlow; FloMASTER; YSMP; JAMA; EPANET; Colt; MPI; LINPACK; BLAS; LAPACK; SACO; Featherweight Java
Cited in: 6 Documents

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