swMATH ID: 5582
Software Authors: Stijn van Dongen
Description: MCL-edge is an integrated command-line driven workbench for large scale network analysis. It includes programs for the computation of shortest paths, diameter, clustering coefficient, betweenness centrality, and network shuffles. A module for loading and analyzing gene expression data as a network is provided. The MCL algorithm is a fast and highly scalable cluster algorithm for networks based on stochastic flow. The flow process employed by the algorithm is mathematically sound and intrinsically tied to cluster structure, which is revealed as the imprint left by the process. The threaded implementation has handled networks with millions of nodes within hours and is widely used in the fields of bioinformatics, graph clustering, and network analysis.
Homepage: http://micans.org/mcl/
Programming Languages: C
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Bioinformatics; Mathematics; Network Analysis
Cited in: 0 Publications