swMATH ID: 5624
Software Authors: Andy Hammerlindl; John Bowman; Tom Prince
Description: Asymptote is a powerful descriptive 2D and 3D vector graphics language for technical drawing, inspired by MetaPost but with an improved C++-like syntax. It provides for figures the same high-quality level of typesetting that LaTeX does for scientific text. Asymptote is a programming language as opposed to just a graphics program. It can exploit the best features of script (command-driven) and graphical user interface (GUI) methods. High-level graphics commands are implemented in the language itself, allowing them to be easily tailored to specific applications.
Homepage: http://asymptote.sourceforge.net/
Programming Languages: C++
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Visualization; education; Text Processing; Markup; TeX/LaTeX; Mathematics; multimedia; Graphics; Editors; Vector-Based; 3D Modeling
Related Software: GiNaC; Python; MetaPost; GiNaC-cycle; REDUCE; MoebInv; FORM; Axodraw; Noweb; R; bayesSurv; Mplus; rgl; KmL; kml3d; Matplotlib; Kig; GeoGebra; FriCAS; HAP
Cited in: 13 Publications

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