swMATH ID: 5658
Software Authors: Ion Vasilief; Stephen Besch
Description: QtiPlot - Data Analysis and Scientific Visualisation QtiPlot is a cross platform data analysis and scientific visualisation solution. Thanks to its price defying all competition, QtiPlot is ideal for student computer labs and offers an alternative solution to extremely expensive proprietary software like Origin, SigmaPlot, SPSS, Regressi or Igor Pro. QtiPlot is used for teaching as well as for complex data analysis and visualisation in companies, high schools, universities and research institutes all over the world.
Homepage: http://soft.proindependent.com/qtiplot.html
Programming Languages: C++
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Visualization
Referenced in: 0 Publications
Further Publications: http://soft.proindependent.com/papers.html