swMATH ID: 5662
Software Authors: Sam Bromley
Description: Multipurpose Versatile Test Harness (MVTH) is a rapid prototyping and testing platform designed for computer vision algorithms. It benefits from the speed and low-level control of the C language while allowing for iterative tweaking and visualization during a running session (similar to Matlab). The end result is a core infrastructure that supports plugins and allows the rapid testing of ideas and comparisons of incremental improvements with results generated during previous plugin reloads. Plugins with machine/computer vision algorithms, image processing routines, and code for using particle filters (a statistical sampling approach) are included.
Homepage: https://github.com/sbromle/MvthImage
Programming Languages: C
Dependencies: NO
Keywords: multimedia; Graphics; Scientific/Engineering; Image Recognition; Mathematics; Visualization; Software Development; Libraries; Testing
Referenced in: 0 Publications