swMATH ID: 5689
Software Authors: Alan Fischer, Andres Reinot,Tyler Streeter; Oleksandr Lozitskiy
Description: OPAL (Open Physics Abstraction Layer) has two main goals: to provide a high-level physics interface, and to provide an abstract interface that is independent of the underlying physics engines. Although some similar libraries focus mainly on the second goal, OPAL is more focused on the high-level physics interface. Even though the abstract interface is important for comparing physics engines or using multiple physics engines in the same application, the primary concern is giving developers a simple, powerful interface with high-level constructs.
Homepage: http://opal.sourceforge.net/
Programming Languages: C++
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering, Mathematics, Software Development, Libraries
Related Software: Optimization Test Environment; NEOS; OPAL; COPS; PATH Solver; MINOS; GAMS; LINGO; COCONUT; LINDO; SifDec; LIBOPT; CUTEr; testenv; AMPL; CONOPT; GLOPTLAB; PSwarm; KNITRO; BARON
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