swMATH ID: 5702
Software Authors: Gabor Madl
Description: The Distributed Real-time Embedded Analysis Method (DREAM) is a tool and method for the real-time verification and performance estimation of distributed real-time embedded (DRE) systems. It focuses on the practical application of formal verification and timing analysis to real-time middleware.
Homepage: http://dre.sourceforge.net/
Programming Languages: C++
Keywords: education; Scientific/Engineering; Electronic Design Automation (EDA); Mathematics; Software Development; Testing
Related Software: HyTech; IF-2.0; Kronos; Ptolemy; REDLIB; Synthia; UPPAAL TIGA; CMC; Tempo; CoVer; McAiT; TAXYS; TREX; Rabbit; PRISM; IMITATOR; MapReduce; Petabricks; StarPU; Xilinx
Cited in: 2 Publications

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