swMATH ID: 5713
Software Authors: ctbrownlees
Description: The MATNEM Toolbox is a set of MATLAB objects and classes which provides an interface to the Numerical Econometrics Library, a library of econometric routines written in the C language. The aim of the project is to provide an easy, quick, and object-oriented interface for applied econometric analysis. The NEM library also ensures a good level of performance. Among other features, the MATNEM toolbox contains time series data objects, ultra high-frequency data management algorithms, nonlinear estimation routines (ARMA, multiplicative error models (GARCH, ACD)), and frequentist model averaging algorithms (linear regression model, multiplicative error models (GARCH, ACD)).
Homepage: http://freecode.com/projects/matnem
Programming Languages: C
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Office/Business; Financial; Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics
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