swMATH ID: 5726
Software Authors: J. Laskar, M. Gastineau
Description: TRIP is a general computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics. It includes a numerical kernel and has interfaces to gnuplot and xmgrace. Computations can be performed with double, quadruple, or multi-precision. Users can dynamically load external libraries written in C, C++, or Fortran. Parallel computations on multivariate polynomials can be performed.
Homepage: http://www.imcce.fr/trip/
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Astronomy
Related Software: Magma; SINGULAR; gmp; Maple; ALTRAN; PARI/GP; REBOUNDx; exoplanet; NbodyGradient; REBOUND; RadVel; batman; EXOFAST; TTVFast; SymPy; SciPy; NumPy; Exo-Striker; Python; celmech
Referenced in: 19 Publications

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