swMATH ID: 5764
Software Authors: Mitchell, W.F
Description: PHAML is a parallel program for the solution of 2D elliptic partial differential equations using low or high order finite elements, adaptive mesh refinement based on newest node bisection of triangles, and multigrid. All aspects of the method are based on the hierarchical basis functions.
Homepage: http://math.nist.gov/phaml/
Programming Languages: Fortran
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Software Development; Libraries
Related Software: ParMETIS; ARPACK; Gmsh; quadva; PetIGA; quadgk; COMET; Agros2D; deal.ii; BoomerAMG; P - ARPACK; MUMPS; PARTY; Chaco; Scotch; Zoltan; JOSTLE; LINPACK; DRAMA
Cited in: 12 Publications
Further Publications: http://math.nist.gov/phaml/#pubs

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The design of a parallel adaptive multi-level code in Fortran 90. Zbl 1056.65136
Mitchell, W. F.

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