swMATH ID: 5782
Software Authors: Community Z Tools Project
Description: CZT is a Java framework and a suite of tools built on that framework for editing, type checking, and animating formal specifications written in the Z specification language. In addition to the ISO standard, there is some support for Z extensions, such as Object-Z, Circus and TCOZ.
Homepage: http://czt.sourceforge.net/
Programming Languages: Java
Keywords: Software Development; Quality Assurance; Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics
Related Software: Z; Circus; SPIN; ProofPower; Z/EVES; FDR2; ProBE; MOCHA; Alcoa; Casper; JACK; JML; NuSMV; SPARK; Alloy; Haskell; ArcAngel; Isabelle; TCOZ; ClawZ
Cited in: 6 Publications

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