swMATH ID: 5804
Software Authors: Damgård, Ivan; Geisler, Martin; Krøigaard, Mikkel; Nielsen, Jesper Buus
Description: VIFF, the Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework. Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework is a framework for creating efficient and secure multi-party computations (SMPC). Players, who do not trust each other, participate in a joint computation based on their private inputs. The computation is done using a cryptographic protocol which allows them to obtain a correct answer without revealing their inputs. Operations supported include addition, multiplication, and comparison, all with Shamir secret shared outputs.
Homepage: http://viff.dk/
Programming Languages: Python
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Communications; Security; Cryptography; Software Development; Libraries; Application Frameworks; Python Modules
Related Software: Sharemind; FairplayMP; TASTY; VMCrypt; fhe; MP-SPDZ; GitHub; Knapsack; MiniLEGO; Wysteria; JustGarble; SCAPI; Crypto++; Trustedpals
Referenced in: 14 Publications

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