swMATH ID: 5836
Software Authors: Martin Theus
Description: Mondrian is a general purpose statistical data visualization system. All plots in Mondrian are fully linked and offer various interactions and queries. Any case selected in a plot is highlighted in all other plots. Currently implemented plots include mosaic plot, scatter plots and SPLOM, maps, bar charts, histograms, missing value plots, parallel coordinates/boxplots, and y by x boxplots.
Homepage: http://www.theusrus.de/Mondrian/
Programming Languages: Java
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering, Mathematics, Visualization
Related Software: R; MANET; GGobi; XGobi; iplots; ViSta; LISP-STAT; SAS; MacSpin; CASSATT; SPSS; UsingR; ggplot2; gridSVG; ggvis; GitHub; shiny; tourr; RGraphics; RGtk2
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