swMATH ID: 5871
Software Authors: Helmut Dersch
Description: Jasymca is an interactive System for solving math problems. It supports arbitrary precision numbers and symbolic variables. Scalars, vectors, and matrices can be built from all datatypes and used in calculations. From the pseudoinverse of symbolic matrices over trigonometric simplifications to symbolic solutions of integrals and systems of equations, the main functionalities of CAS-programs are provided. Additionaly, high performance numerical routines from LAPACK and a plotmodule are implemented. The user interface can be selected from either an Octave/Matlab/SciLab-like language or a GNU-Maxima style. Three versions of Jasymca are provided which cover almost any computer platform: A Midlet version for portable devices like cellphones or PDAs, a java application for desktop PCs, laptops and workstation, and an applet which can be integrated in webpages. Jasymca is free software covered by the GNU public license.
Homepage: http://webuser.hs-furtwangen.de/~dersch/jasymca2/indexEN.html
Programming Languages: Java
Dependencies: NO
Keywords: Mathematics
Related Software: GeoGebra; JSLisp; JAMA; JavaScript; Giac; MathPiper; REDUCE
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